About Divvy Plus

Divvy Plus is the business solution to a consumer product. While Divvy is the consumer product that allows users to send postcards via mobile and web applications, Divvy Plus takes it to the next level by allowing Pro Users to white-label the MyCard web app, create postcard campaigns, and even track analytics.

Divvy Plus is great for any business, but a number of industries stand out as ideal candidates: Non-profit organizations, Real Estate Agents, Professional Services, Event Planners. The white-labelled application could become a source of revenue for Charities. The Campaign functionality is great for contacting clients and potential partners in a meaningful and lasting way, especially when events are involved.

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What We Accomplished

With the goal of providing users with a simple interface that does a lot for their businesses, we carefully studied a variety of potential users. Looking to create something that allowed them to share news effectively and keep track of their clients while tracking their analytics, Divvy Plus manages to do all of that and more. Adding a white-label feature gives users the power to fundraise while providing their supporters with lasting memories.

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