About Divvy

Divvy is the Anti-Snapchat. Where Snapchat focuses on temporarily sharing experiences on an impulse, Divvy focuses on making long-term memories on a prompting. This is done by taking life event photos, printing them as postcards, and shipping them to those with whom you care to share.

Add to this the ability to listen to life events through social media channels, negotiate address sharing in a secure and private way, and pull photos from social channels, Divvy helps to make social meaningful. Without trying to circumvent or compete with social media channels, Divvy leverages the connecting benefits of such social channels.

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What We Accomplished

After carefully researching the diversity of Divvy users, while considering what users are used to when sharing images socially, we created an app that combines the ease of quickly sharing a memory with their social network, while still providing a concrete and physical keepsake. By including an address book and contact events, Divvy makes remembering loved ones' special events effortless.

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